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So many words already been said, and so much has already been written that it seems pointless to write and say more.

But sometimes there are words that stick in our mind, and the words that have always echoed in my mind were the very first words that Baba said to me. “Death is always laughing in your face”.

At the time, back in the summer of 1981, I really didn’t understand just what Baba meant and it seemed very peculiar to me that he should pronounce such profound words. However Baba remained quiet after that and I knew deep within myself that I would have to be  patient with time and with practice to really understand just what he meant.


Since, these words have come back to my mind from time to time and being an ardent Kriyaban, I tell myself that deep down through the numerous years and experiences enjoyed next to Swamiji, surely I know their meaning.

Through the years that have passed, Baba has invoked life through other words that followed the first ones I heard him say, bringing ‘death’ to ‘life’ and ‘life’ to ‘death’; because what Baba said long ago is just that…’death to life’… But how can mind really understand without the practice of Kriya Yoga and how can the practice of Kriya Yoga be pursued without initiation and the presence of Baba?


When a person has practiced for so long, sometimes it is even difficult to remember and distinguish the difference between ‘before’ and ‘after’ having been initiated, but there is one thing that remains…Life.

…Life, His presence, Prana, Divine Love, Soul, Atma, Para Atma, Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Nirvana, Shunya, Purusha…

Baba has accomplished so much that it seems impossible to write about everything that he has done (the temple, the ashrams and schools, his work in Europe, Africa, America and India through his overwhelming power to help and to awake others) as it seems pointless to try to write words that have already been said or written.


Yet the greatest accomplishment he has bestowed upon us is that of ‘no accomplishment’ from whence comes all accomplishment. This is where we share the unique experience that no words can really express, while “Death is always laughing in our face”. There is an old proverb that says, “When people laugh at us is best to laugh with them…” When death laughs at us is best to laugh with it.

I still don’t really know what Baba meant but death is not a joking matter, perhaps the joke is on us.