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Dear kriyabans, brothers and sisters,

We are writing this message to you all, in order to provide information related to Baba’s present plans and projects, after such a long time.

We have recently bought a land at Bellagachhia, a beautiful, remote place situated by the banks of the river Kuakhai which flows between the twin cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

The land area is vast, encompassing both huge portions of healthy grass and golden sandy areas that stretch up to the sea-like river.  It is an unspoiled, marvelous and picturesque place, especially at the twilight when you can witness an array of colors in the sky as the sun sets. Undoubtedly, the best place for meditation…

All kinds of vegetation can be grown here and this provides the perfect conditions for a natural, pure organic kitchen garden, which is a rarity in cities nowadays.

We have taken the possession of this land very recently, on 21 Dec 2016 and we are proud to announce that a small temporary house has been built and the atmosphere propitious to meditation and practice has already been created.

Baba has purchased this land with the intention to develop an International Gurukul School, where children from all over the world can be provided with authentic spiritual education with the help of teachers/disciples from many countries.


(In its original meaning, gurukul is a place where shishya (disciples) live together as equals, irrespective of their social standing, learn from the guru and help the guru in his day-to-day life, including the carrying out of mundane chores such as washing clothes, cooking etc. Typically, a guru does not receive any fees from the shishya studying with him. At the end of his studies, a shisya offers the guru dakshina before leaving the gurukul. The gurudakshina is a traditional gesture of acknowledgment, respect and thanks to the guru, which may be monetary, but may also be a special task the teacher wants the student to accomplish. While living in a gurukul the student had to be away from home and family completely. The guru did not take any fees and so they had to serve the guru.)


In the midst of the catastrophic changes that are happening now in the world, the place is meant to be Baba’s gigantic Noah’s Ark where he can hold all his closest disciples, children, life time staff and animals, all samples of the entire Universe, beneficiaries of true spirituality; which is the true food of mankind. This is going to be Baba’s greatest achievement, just at the end of the unkind, disagreeable problems that have been created by some of the people that were in the past very close to him. The troubles and difficulties are not over yet, but with the grace of God and all the Gurus and with the prayers of us all, by the end of this summer we expect this nightmare to be over.

Let us keep faith, breathe and pray for our spiritual growth despite these difficult conditions.

As we are here, a handful of people living around Baba, we had the opportunity to share with him the challenges as well as the achievements.

It is very difficult to understand and follow Baba, though we are investing all our physical and mental energy, trying our best to be a better and better student…Although we are aware of his enormous strength and power of work, we cannot stop wondering every day how he can actually manage so many things and overcome so many difficulties and how the time runs for him, obviously differently than it does for us.

We are writing this message to you hoping that you will receive the warm, subtle invitation that lies hidden in all the words of this letter. Dear brothers and sisters, the time has come for all of us to join hands and help our beloved Baba in his works and projects, having as the ultimate goal the elevation and the uplifting of the life on this planet. We do not know how we will accomplish such a great task, but a thing is certain: Baba loves all of us with a love that we may not be capable of feeling or understanding and he wants to see you all, feeling your presence around him at least from time to time if not for always.


At this point, we are unable to write anything further, so we just thank you very much for your existence, love and support.

Shivangi, at Kriya service