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I had the privilege to obtain and read “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Swami Paramahansa Yogananda about 30 years ago. I found the book very interesting and was impressed with the simplicity and work done by Swami Paramahansa Yogananda.

At that time, I was not impressed by the photographs shown of his masters and personally felt not contact with them. The book was kept on the shelf until I met Swami Shankarananda Giri affectionately known as “Baba” in 1999. I took up the initiation into Kriya. During the lecture, Baba mentioned the book “Autobiography of a Yogi”. I went home and picked up the book again feeling very proud that I had kept it with me for 30 years. On opening it, I realized that there was a whole chapter on Kriya Yoga. It was obvious that at that time I was not ready to understand the universal message depicted in the book. Little did I realize that in time to come my whole life would be transformed and Shree Paramahansa’s masters would eventually become my masters!

Around the time I met Baba I had taken up Reiki Level 1 and was immediately attracted to Kriya which concentrates on energy centers. Meeting Baba was in itself an experience; I was very touched by his vast knowledge in every aspect of life and the simplicity with which he conveyed his message to his disciples. I became a Reiki master and Votex healer in 2001-02 and also attained the Kriya higher level at the same time through Baba’s grace.
Kriya brought me close to “Who I am” and enabled me to connect myself to the universe. I personally witnessed Baba’s efforts to develop Sri Prabhujee School in Bhubaneswar and school in Rairakhol. His unconditional love for children touched my heart. I got involved in the welfare of the children in Rairakhol School.
The internal experience one attains through regular Kriya meditation can only be felt and not expressed.

I have had the honor of being in touch with several mahatmas and listening to their discourses, but it was through Kriya Yoga that I felt inner peace and realized that this was my path to attain spiritual knowledge. It reinforced my belief in unconditional love and compassion. I was able to become part of an organization developing the awareness of Kriya Yoga in the U.K. I was also able to assist in the development of the school in Orissa and the Kriya Yoga centre in Rishikesh.
Having met Baba, my constant search for spirituality ceased as, through his wonderful teachings, I learnt the art of looking within myself and seeking the answers.
Baba is an expert sculptor, very knowledgeable in music, arts and an expert in Cosmic Astrology.

I feel much honored to serve under him and pray to all mighty to shower his grace on the work he is doing in promoting Kriya.