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We have twenty-seven fixed stars (nakshatra) which fit into twelve signs of the zodiac by dividing the zodiac into twenty-seven sections. The stars are also related to the chakras.
The fixed stars have a specific and direct effect on the twelve signs of the zodiac and also on the different sounds (letters of the Sanskrit alphabet) through the intermediary of the chakras.
When we know the fixed star presiding at the time of birth (the ascendant), we can find the corresponding sidereal time. Then, if a person does not know his or her time of birth, or if the given time is erroneous, it can be corrected and recalculated with great accuracy.
By studying the features of a face, we can find the fixed star presiding at the time of birth. Then, once this is known, the time of birth may be calculated or corrected.
The position of the lunar fixed star is related to lunar movement and every month, the moon comes back to the same fixed star. This is the real solar-lunar conjunction date. At this date, a correspondence between the Sun, the Moon and the “ascendant fixed star” is established. Thus each month the Moon comes to the same place in the spine in accordance with the position of the fixed stars.
We also take into account the ascending and descending order that alternates every two weeks according to the Sun-Moon cycle. At any point in time, the body and mind are either closer or farther from the Moon in the same way that alternating tides are low or high. Tides are under the influence of the Moon. The same is true with the body and the mind, which are affected by this cycle. This can be discerned with careful observation.
The Sun determines the shape of the face and, to a certain extent, the general appearance of the body.
The Moon determines the nature of our mind, our thoughts and emotions. It plays an important part in our psyche.

The other planets are related to the “liquid metals” which are in suspension in our physical body. These metals are: gold, copper, silver, iron and mercury. They can be combined together and also have an influence on several planets.










Meda (fat), mucous membranes



Tissues, nerves






Blood, veins and partly bone






Skin, mucous membranes, lungs


When we say that a planet is bad or debilitated, it means that a specific sound or a particular liquid, metal or a specific light of the spectrum is lacking within the person who receives its influence.
We say that a planet is good or exalted when the elements mentioned above are balanced (good) or in excess (exalted).
If there is an imbalance of the planets, it affects our mental system, physical body, atmosphere, sex life, mind, ego, illusions and health. Sometimes the imbalance manifests through mental disease of physical illness.
By studying a horoscope through using the science of Jyotir Veda, it is easy to correctly determine the affected planet and to thereby know the lack or imbalance of a particular element and the origin of a problem. Thereafter it is also easy to find the appropriate remedy.
In ancient times, the astrologers were at the same time, ayurvedic doctors and highly realized people. They were true physicians of the three-body system (physical, astral and causal). They were designated by one word: vaidya, meaning a person who knows the three Vedas in a practical manner. From their complete knowledge of the three bodies, their understanding of diseases and problems in a person was holistic and accurate. Illness can come from several different levels. For example an illness may be of a purely physiological, mental or even an astral order.
Some illnesses are contagious and are spread from one person to another; these are purely on the physical level. Only when a person is imbalanced or mentally and psychologically weak do they become vulnerable to contagious disease and infections. Disease will not occur without the existence of prior weaknesses. As the disease was caught from others, the treatment is situated on the physical level and the remedy may be based on roots or herbs with medicinal properties.

Other illnesses come from the mental system and are psychological or hereditary. To decipher them, we must resort to the astral or causal system. One can have access to the causal plane only through deep meditation. The remedy is situated in the astral plane and activated by means of sound. The existence of a bad planet means that one of the metallic elements or one of the sound or both together, are missing or lacking. From the relationships mentioned above, it is possible to effectively treat the deficiency through the use of sounds. Thus the astrologer should be able to determine which sounds are missing so as to prescribe them to the person in order to restore his or her health.